• Relocation
  • Clearances
  • Move Management
  • IT Reuse

Client Requirement

CQS (UK) LLP is a London based hedge fund asset management firm with offices in London, Honk Kong, New York, Jersey and Sydney. In 2016, CQS wished to relocate 230 staff from a 5th floor workspace in Grosvenor Place, Central London to Trafalgar Square, to occupy space on all four floors.

Premier Workplace Services were requested to complete pre-migration audits, prepare the IT and desking requirements at the new site, move the staff in two phases, then clear the previous workspace, adhering to environmental best practice, focusing on reuse where possible. 

Project Solution

 Premier appointed a project management team which consisted of a move manager, an IT project manager and move team leader. The team remained in touch at all times and coordinated their efforts in order to meet client’s requirements. 

Over the course of three days the Premier team liaised with CQS to plan the two-phased move and prepare a full audit in advance of the move. 

The new building at One Strand had a ten-day period of preparation, during this time the Premier Systems IT team installed cables and monitors and the Premier Moves team fitted the new desking system. 

Phase 1 of the move included 40 back office staff and was planned for a Friday day shift with post-move support provided by Premier on the following Tuesday to ensure any outstanding staff requirements were met. 

Phase 2 was a larger move for over 180 staff, 80 of which were front office users and the rest were back office users.  This move also took place on a Friday day shift, but also included a Saturday day shift, as well as post-move support on the Monday.

Both phases included removal and re-installation of furniture, IT and miscellaneous items, such as gym equipment, which Premier safely moved from the original 5th floor location across to the new location as per the detailed move plans. Premier decommissioned and recommissioned IT and workstations, relocating all items of furniture as outlined in the move plan. 

Following the two successful relocations, Premier were asked to sustainably clear the redundant space within a three day timeframe. 

As part of the clearance the customer identified the need to dispose of old and unneeded IT equipment. The IT clearance was extended to shutting down and disposing of their server equipment, storage and network devices at Grosvenor Place and a second location at Sampson House. 

The project team conducted onsite surveys and prepared an IT clearance plan for each location and suggested a schedule to clear all buildings, taking into account deadlines set out by the client’s landlord. 

The IT and WEEE recycling clearance was executed by Premier Workplace Services’ RenewIT team, part of Premier Sustain division, adhering to best practices in refurbishing and reusing IT equipment.  Upon completion of the project CQS (UK) LLP were provided with certificates of data destruction and asset reports with specifications and hard drive serial number report as evidence of the secure data destruction.  At all times Premier followed our strict secure processes for handling data bearing equipment.

Premier has collected and recycled on behalf of CQS (UK) LLP: 

  • 1152kg of WEEE
  • 12 x domestic fridges,
  • 2 x commercial fridges
  • 15 x domestic appliances
  • 2 x televisions 
  • 4 x photocopiers 
  • 42 x small electrical items 

IT assets collected and processed via Premier Sustain’s Renew IT:

  • TFT monitors – 696
  • PC base units – 138
  • UPS – 16
  • Printers – 20
  • 4 ways extension lead – 9 boxes 
  • Keyboard and mice – 7 boxes
  • Network cables – 8 boxes 
  • Copiers – 3 
  • Telecom kit – 2 boxes 
  • Telecom and server cabinets – 20 cabinets

Services Provided 

  • Pre Move IT audit 
  • Pre installation of all IT workstations
  • Move Management
  • Decommissioning and recommissioning of all IT workstations
  • Relocation of IT, furniture and Misc. items
  • IT and WEEE clearance and recycling 
  • Decommission and de-racking of comms rooms and other IT estate
  • Onsite redundant IT audit 
  • Cable management 
  • Dedicated team of IT engineers for clearance of IT
  • Refurbishing, data cleansing and re-using of IT assets 
  • Furniture removal, refurbishing and recycling 

Project Feedback 

Premier Systems provided fully resourced teams to meet the client’s requirements within a tight timescale.  Premier offered the required flexibility in order to deliver the project successfully and complete the work as required.