Global Retailer

  • IT Reuse
  • Clearances

Client Requirements

A multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer wished to renew their IT estate across multiple locations and required a comprehensive programme to retire end-of-life IT assets in a secure and sustainable way.

Premier Workplace Services has been appointed as preferred supplier to remove unwanted IT and to safely and securely dispose of or re-use all end-of-life assets.

Project Solution

Premier provided a project management team consisting of a Move Manager, IT Project Manager and IT and Move team leaders. The team planned the audit and move strategy in close collaboration with the client in order to implement a successful project.

The first stage of the project was for the Systems IT team to carry out an on-site audit in the Central London location, to define quantities and capture data regarding the estate’s assets.

This information was handed over to the Moves team who provided packaging to safely collect the IT and WEEE items. All items were delivered to the Renew Centre IT Suite for further assessment and processing by the Renew IT team.

Premier’s team prepared an asset report of all retired/semi-retired IT assets with recommendations on further steps for each item. In line with the client’s feedback, Premier decommissioned and recycled all assets designated retired. 

The Moves team facilitated a final sweep across all sites to remove any other unwanted items.

The Renew IT team sorted all WEEE and IT assets into the relevant recycling streams following WEEE recycling hierarchy set out by the Environment Agency, following best practices in data cleansing, refurbishing, and reusing IT equipment.

Premier collected and recycled:

  • 250 LCD monitors
  • 50 boxes of cables and accessories
  • 60 docking stations
  • 10 printers
  • 70 phones
  • 550kg of WEEE
  • 18 x cooling devices and domestic appliances

By recycling and reusing these end-of-life IT and WEEE rather than destruction and sending to landfill, Premier has made the following financial and environmental savings for the client:

  • £2300 in recycling fees
  • £1875 paid back to client as rebate for re-sold IT equipment
  • 54t of CO2 (equivalent)

Services Provided

  • Onsite IT audit
  • Dedicated team of IT engineers
  • IT and WEEE clearance and recycling
  • Decommission of end of life IT estate
  • Refurbishing, data cleansing and re-using of IT assets

Project Feedback

Premier Systems IT and Renew IT divisions provided fully resourced teams to meet the client’s requirements within tight timescale. Premier has offered the required flexibility in order to deliver the project successfully and complete the work as required.

The client was delighted with the savings made from both a cost and an environmental perspective and will continue to work with Premier Renew IT.