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Premier Workplace Services has worked with Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) on a day to day basis for the past ten years. Premier are contracted to meet all move requirements for both the airport and the airlines. They are responsible for moving people, office equipment and furniture, stores and specialist equipment.

Premier Workplace Services’ personnel employed on this contract are security cleared at the highest level. Personal background and counter terrorism checks are required, providing staff with access to all areas of the airport.

Two years ago, Premier was responsible for the sustainable clearance of the existing Terminal 2 and we relocated all the facilities and operations to different holding areas across the site. Terminal 2 has since been rebuilt and named The Queen’s Terminal.

Client requirements

The client needed confidence that the Queen’s Terminal would be operational on time, with no margin for error. The client’s equipment and resources, which was stored at various points across the site, had to be moved back to the new building. In addition, deliveries of new furniture needed managing and all work had to be carried out without disruption to Heathrow flight schedules or critical day to day operations.

Project solution

The Premier team worked closely with their HAL counterparts to identify the project requirements and managed the project from the outset.

Over the course of six months, the Premier team were responsible for the relocation and reassembly of furniture and equipment stored in holding areas across Heathrow Airport. Security cleared teams were tasked with the removal and reinstallation of equipment, both for the terminal and for the airlines, and their attention to detail was paramount to ensure every element was fulfilled at the right time.

The project was carried out over six months and in order to avoid any disruption to the business, all the work took place between 10.00pm and 4.00am. This ensured that business critical operations were in place each day and minimised the risk of any errors.

Premier Workplace Services supported Heathrow Airport in leading the move of a number of airlines and handlers from their previous Terminals at Heathrow to the new Terminal 2. This included office moves, engineering equipment moves and  landside/airside logistics. The team acted in a friendly yet professional manner at all times and delivered successfully for both Heathrow Airport Ltd and the individual airlines and handlers concerned.

Operational Readiness Manager, Heathrow.

Services provided

  • Project Management
  • Move and Logistics planning, working alongside HAL
  • Furniture, relocation and assembly
  • Server migration
  • IT desktop moves
  • Move and changes support
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