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Client requirements

Kantar Media needed to relocate their data centre and staff across London. The requirement was to migrate 300 servers, containing sensitive information, and move over 200 staff to new premises. The work was to be undertaken over a bank holiday weekend to minimise disruption of working hours.

Project solution

Premier Systems IT and Premier Moves worked together with Kantar Media to ensure the successful delivery of the project.  Premier Systems provided a highly experienced team with a proven track record and extensive expertise in server migration to deliver the project within the timescales given.

Specialised server relocation equipment was employed to ensure the 300 servers were safely transported to the new premises.  The servers were packed in flight cases and transported using air-ride vehicles.  These guaranteed safe transportation and enabled live tracking of the vehicles, giving Kantar Media complete confidence in the movement of their data.

Premier Systems IT were responsible for decommissioning and recommissioning the IT system. The servers were repopulated, recabled and re-patched whilst staff desktops were tested to ensure a smooth transition to the new workplace.

Project feedback

Premier Systems IT provided a fully resourced team to deliver the client requirement within the tight timescale.   The project was completed successfully, well within the timeframe given and the client has since used Premier for further projects.

“Premier undertook the relocation of our 300+ server datacentre. Premier assisted with the planning and co-ordination of our move and their input was invaluable. During the relocation Premier’s team members were skilled, efficient and professional. All equipment was decommissioned, moved and re-commissioned as per plan in good order and within the specified timescale. We will more than happy to use Premier again for any further moves. “  

Richard Marston, IT Helpdesk Leader

Services provided

  • Server Migration
  • IT decommissioning and recommissioning
  • Cable Management
  • Utilisation of secure server flight cases and bespoke lifting equipment
  • Dedicated team of IT engineers
  • Furniture and filing, packing moving and unpacking
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