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Client requirements

Mid Essex Hospital Services (MEHS) undertook an estate rationalisation project, known as Operation Broomfield.  This required specialist support as the healthcare records’ library required relocating from a two storey satellite building, with only stair access, to a newly refurbished records library in the main building, in one continuous move. 

MEHS needed to work with a relocation company that had the experience and resources to relocate 280,000 medical records, circa 4,800 linear metres, in five days whilst ensuring the correct handling and security requirements were in place to transfer the patient records. It was critical that hospital staff could have complete access to all records throughout the moves for clinical and emergency admissions.

Project solution

Premier Workplace Services provided an experienced project management team from its specialist Library and Records Division to deliver a bespoke solution to meet the requirements of the Bromfield Hospital Project Team. This involved attending all pre-planning meetings to devise appropriate solutions, support and flexible programmes to meet the needs of the challenging task. 

Premier packed, relocated and unpacked 960 metres of files and records per day, in strict sequential order.  This incorporated the backfilling of returned files and pulled files requested for clinics which amounted to, on average, 1,200 records per day requiring access of some kind.

Also, as part of this project, the Premier team relocated 200 linear metres of archive material, all office medical staff, IT equipment and furniture as well as personal and bulk filing crates.

Client feedback

Premier had the significantly experienced resources to support this major programme that included sequential packing and unpacking during the 24 hour operational shifts to complete the task within the time requirements. Premier and the Broomfield Hospital Team completed the task within the five day deadline, without a single misplacement and without any delay to the clinics or emergency admissions.

The success of this move was due to meticulous planning and the strong partnership that was formed between the Broomfield Hospital team and Premier team. The whole move took place seamlessly with no effect on the clinic and hospital running at any time.

“Please pass on my sincere thanks to the crews who worked tirelessly to move the health records library over the last five days. It was a mammoth task to undertake in such a short timeframe and one that was well executed.”

Kathryn Freake, PFI Contract Manager of Broomfield Hospital, was extremely pleased with the outcome of this project and thanked Premier

Services provided

  • Full move management support to mobilise planning meetings; prior/ during and post move. Contingency planning, including the provision of additional Premier resource, vehicles and solutions that were required to accommodate the expected adverse weather conditions at the time (heavy snow)
  • Pre-auditing of existing shelving and filing systems
  • Pre-labelling of existing shelving and proposed shelving location
  • Preparing shelving for growth points prior to unpacking
  • Preparing of Premier’s bespoke file/crate manifest documents to identify and track any file required within minutes of request throughout the move
  • Provision of correct amount of crates to minimise congestion at the existing location
  • Provision of fully trained sequential packing and unpacking teams from our Library and Records Division
  • Creation of programme schedule that met all security, health & safety and risk elements 

Following on from the records and staff move, Premier’s environmental division, Premier Sustain, removed and recycled all of the former metal shelving with a 100% diversion from landfill solution. The value of the rebate attributed to the metal recycling, was shared with the Hospital to help reduce the operational costs. Premier’s Sustain division then refurnished the new records office with almost new, recycled furniture to meet the environmental and carbon footprint programme of the Hospital. 

Premier also carried out all of the relocation phases for the departments and clinics that were affected by the rationalisation programme, moving forward. 

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