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Client requirements

This client required the internal relocation of approximately 750 staff at their Welwyn Garden City offices over 2 weekend phases. Phase 1 was for 600 personnel and Phase 2 was the remaining 150 staff.  To support this requirement the client was looking for a professional relocation partner that was experienced in IT and office relocations.

Project solution

This was a two phase project that had to be completed over two weekends to deliver a consistent and uninterrupted service to the staff. The IT relocation needed to be delivered in conjunction with the physical staff move and as such, a joint team of Premier’s Systems and Relocations divisions worked together on this project.

The larger move was extremely complex as it involved departments swapping areas and some expanding into other areas. It required comprehensive logistics planning.  The Premier Team worked alongside the client’s appointed Move Managers, to devise a relocation schedule which took into consideration business constraints and minimal disruption to Roche personnel.

Phase 1 consisted of moving 600 IT sets, demounting and remounting 200 monitors, packing and unpacking 1800 shelves of filing, moving 600 full cabinets and various other pieces of furniture.

Although Phase 2 was the smaller move, it was extremely sensitive as it involved the Corporate Teams.

All works were completed on time and all Roche personnel were operational for Monday morning.

‘Considering the short lead time, Premier teams were mobilised within a 2 week lead time. Each weekend brought challenges which were addressed and resolved by Premier Team Leaders, in consultation with Moveplan.’

Services provided

  • Account Management
  • Pre & Post Move IT and porterage support
  • IT Decommissioning and Recommissioning
  • Desktop Moves
  • Monitor demount and remount onto desk arms
  • IT & Phone Cleaning
  • Packing and unpacking of personal and departmental filing
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