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Client requirements

The Science Museum required a specialised and experienced relocation service provider to move the “Food for Thought Gallery” from South Kensington to the Science Museum store in Wroughton, Wiltshire in order to make room for a new exhibit.

As one of London’s most popular tourist sites, the client required all movement in and out of the Museum to take place after 18.00 and before 09.00 hours.

Project solution

The project involved the relocation of a number of large objects and, therefore, required extensive planning including the production of detailed resource and activity schedules as well as method statements and risk assessments.

Premier Moves’ engineers worked with Museum staff to dismantle and document, in detail, all objects for rebuild.

We collected bespoke pallets from the Science Museum store in Wroughton and these were used for the packing of all objects in South Kensington. During the day, objects were moved to packing areas, lifted with Premier’s gantry and weighed prior to being placed on the pallets. All items were then over-crated with bespoke crates supplied by the Museum before being moved out of the building out of hours.

All objects required moving through the museum and great care and attention was given to the protection of floors and access ways throughout the exit route. All items were carried on air ride vehicles and all packed to the Museum’s high standards.

Project feedback

The move took place over a seven day period and was completed on time and within the strict working hours required. The Museum was more than satisfied with the completion of the relocation project and how professionally these specialised services were delivered by the Premier Moves team working closely with our specialist heavy relocation partner.

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