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Client Requirements  

Premier has an ongoing contract with SKY to support the day to day moves and changes across their operational headquarters and studio buildings in West London. These buildings are home to nearly 9,000 staff, part of a very dynamic workforce. With a dedicated account manager and 2 full time members of staff Premier delivers the daily assistance needed with conference set ups and small moves and changes across this estate.

As part of an estate transformation programme in 2016, Sky built SKY SPACE a dedicated corporate HQ on a freehold part of the estate, to replace 19 buildings that were on a lease.  This unique building was not purely built to re house staff, it was also designed and developed so that a transition to campus working, allowing a very agile and open occupation could be incorporated for the 3,500 staff that were being moved into this building. 

To support this it was requested that Premier work with the SKY team and their project managers Baker Stuart to help manage the significant logistical requirements needed to move 3500 staff from 19 buildings seamlessly over a 5 weekend period and to sustainably clear the redundant assets from the estate. 

Project Approach

This was a unique project, not purely because of the nature of the scale of the relocation, or because of the completely modern and fresh design campus style of workspace created, but because of the approach the clients took in how staff were allowed to make the workspaces their own.  The project plan devised 10 neighbourhood areas for various departments, these neighbourhoods were for between 150 to 350 people that needed to be co-located.   Teams were moved in with typical departments with approximately 500 staff moving in each phase.

Campus working in a flexible environment

The teams were given certain allocations of space and options for the layout of their work area, but there were then given the freedom to decide how they would use this space most effectively.  Lockers were provided for each member of staff and there was an approximate allocation of desks for 7 out of every 10 staff.  Storage was not allocated either, a storage audit was undertaken and sufficient crates were provided based on the audit to support the relocation. The more agile working culture that was being introduced was fully embraced by the key departments and through engaging with more online resources a 40% reduction in storage requirements were achieved across the estate as part of this relocation process. 

Project Communications

The SKY internal communications team worked very closely with the moves project team to help deliver this project successfully by engaging effectively with the key messages. All staff were communicated to for a period of time to help achieve a positive view of the relocation project and to communicate the benefits of the move and the new ways of agile working.  Each member or staff was issued a SKY MOVES bags so personal effects could be moved into safely into their lockers. 

IT and Comms

To support flexible working a standardised approach was taken to the work space provided.  There were a number of exceptions, to support those with different technical requirements, these were identified in the pre-planning process.  A number of these exceptions such as larger screens, desks for MAC users, additional IT kit etc, were identified and enough positions were made available in each team area to accommodate any special working requirements. So whilst no fixed desking was provided, those with particular requirements could claim priority over desks positions with certain resources.

The physical move

The scale of the move required a significant amount of planning and resourcing from the Premier Team. The account manager worked closely with Baker Stuart and SKY to ensure that we had a full understanding of the requirements and timescales.   Over a period of 5 weekends the Premier team provided the resources to move over 3,500 staff in total into SKY Central.  The busiest and most challenging weekend required the Premier team to relocate staff from 19 buildings into this new workspace. 

Sustainably Delivered

As part of the pre planning of this project and to support moves across the estate Premier had previously help SKY achieve maximum reuse of the existing furniture from buildings being vacated across the estate.  Following the exit of 19 buildings Premier’s Sustain division carried out an audit of redundant office furniture and equipment, the approach to find the most sustainable solution for these items of furniture. 

Project Feedback

The project manager from Mark McNally outlines the success of this unique relocation and workplace project.  

“The best thing about the approach we took is that it enabled people to come into this building and choose how to use it on their terms, with hindsight we could have unplanned even further to allow the staff even more freedom.  After the moves there were a team on site to support staff in pink shirts to support staff with any requirements in the new building, we also had a help desk for calls, but had a very low level of enquiries given the extent of workplace change this project delivered”

Thank you to the Premier Moves team for their part in helping nearly 1,000 people settle into The Hub on Sky’s Osterley campus.  Opening The Hub was part of our continued journey to create a fantastic HQ in Osterley that makes life brilliant and easy for the 7000 employees based here. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive on how smooth the move-in has been, and your team’s role in ensuring people’s stuff was where they needed it on day one was invaluable. Please pass on my thanks to everyone on your team involved in making the opening of our newest home on campus a positive experience.

Workplace Director - Property Services Group SKY