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Premier Sustain offers a comprehensive range of sustainable services for the resource efficient management and sustainable clearance of office furniture, IT and redundant electrical equipment. These tailored services support you whether you are having an office clear-out, relocating or refreshing your office, expanding your team or operating during business as usual. Delivered to the business class standards on which we pride ourselves, our services provide the best financial, environmental and social outcomes for your furniture, IT and redundant electrical equipment whilst meeting your timescales, budgets and priorities.

Regent Street Office Direct

Client Requirements:- In order to deliver greater internal efficiencies, the Cabinet Office has been undergoing an estate rationalisation programme. Premier Sustain, working in partnership with Bouygues E&S FM, was asked to to look at office desk remodelling options, to assess the cost and environmental savings achievable, before being asked to provide our full range of […] Read More

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