Environmental office clearances

Moving or changing your office and need to sustainably clear out redundant office furniture and equipment?  Our environmental office clearance services help our clients meet not only your business objectives but also your sustainability targets.  

Designed around the waste hierarchy, this range of services enables us to generate the best financial, environmental and social outcomes from your office and IT clear outs:  

  • Waste prevention
    Audit, storage and stock control services that enable you to manage your existing resources more effectively and sustainably
  • Waste minimisation
    Furniture remanufacturing at the award winning Renew Centre to return your exiting assets to as good as new and ensure they meet your changing requirements
  • Reuse
    Resale to gain rebates and donation to benefit society, giving your unwanted office assets another life
  • Zero waste to landfill
    Recycling and recovery through a network of facilities across the UK, our commitment to zero waste has been recognised with a Silver Zero Waste to Landfill Award

Demonstrating your project savings

On completion of every Premier Sustain project we provide our clients with a full and comprehensive client savings report outlining your project savings from reuse, resale and rebates, your donations and charities supported, and the carbon savings achieved by using our service.

Staff sales

If you would like your staff to benefit from the opportunity to buy your redundant furniture and IT assets at reduced cost, then Premier Sustain can manage this process safely and securely for you, dealing with ownership transfer with our hassle free service.  

Green Days

It does not take long for mess to build in a busy office environment.  With staff focused on their own challenges, unnecessary floor space and moving resource can be wasted on storing IT equipment, files or furniture that are simply redundant.  

With our staff security cleared to the highest levels, we can provide additional support services to help our clients deliver an environmental office clearance whilst ensuring confidentiality and integrity at all times.  These environmental clearances ensure the maximum amount of material collected is recycled at fully accredited local recycling facilities.

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