Bird & Bird International Law Firm

  • IT Reuse
  • Relocation
  • Move Management
  • Clearances

Client requirements

This large international law firm occupied 22 floors across three buildings and wished to amalgamate into one large building to house the whole London office and the team of 650 staff. 

A timescale of three weekends was allocated to complete the move. 

Bird & Bird required a full project management of the move to ensure that all staff could leave work on the Friday and start work on the Monday morning at their new office effortlessly. This project management would extend to the sustainable clearance of the vacated sites and a reuse solution for all of the surplus furniture and redundant IT equipment where viable. 

To coincide with lease completion Premier Systems IT and Premier Moves worked in collaboration with the Sustain team to fulfil this requirement to enable Bird & Bird to hand back to the landlord within the required timeframe. A flexible service was provided that led to a successful, seamless and sustainable relocation for the client.

Using the expertise of their Moves and Systems IT specialists, Premier was able to ensure that the move was carried out sustainably, with redundant assets brought back into reuse where possible in full compliance with best practice and legislation.

Project solution

Premier’s specialist team, which comprised a move manager, IT project manager and team leaders, used their expertise to ensure that the Bird & Bird staff would experience minimum disruption. 

In order to facilitate the required moves and clearances, separate stages were meticulously planned by Premier Moves and Premier Systems IT in conjunction with Bird & Bird’s on-site Facilities team. 

During the pre-move period, Premier’s Move Manager initiated and chaired meetings with the client to develop the strategic removal and relocation plans, ascertaining which departments were moving into each location within the new building, drawing up detailed logs of what data and IT material was to be moved and providing advice on Premier’s recycling and disposal services for the secure removal of all redundant items. 

Move information packs providing detailed plans were compiled and distributed to all relevant persons. Sufficient packaging, labels and crates were distributed to Bird & Bird staff, to allow Premier to move all items into their new locations safely.

In accordance with the tight timescale, the relocation was successfully managed over three weekend phases. All carefully-packaged items were moved to their allocated positions within the new building, IT was recommissioned and work stations were ready for Monday morning, with Premier providing an on-site team including IT specialists for potential troubleshooting and to clear packaging and crates.

Post-relocation, all three vacated properties were cleared sustainably and cleaned.  A full IT and WEEE audit was carried out by the dedicated team at Premier Systems IT, who liaised with the client to gather information on which assets were redundant.  The IT and WEEE items were then gathered for inspection and audit, then the Renew IT team reviewed all items to maximise what could be reused.  Specialists from the Renew IT team followed strict protocol on data cleansing of all IT assets. The items not suitable for reuse were filtered into the relevant recycling streams following the WEEE recycling hierarchy set out by the Environment Agency. Some items of furniture that could be reused was returned to the Renew Centre for assessment for donation.

On behalf of Bird & Bird, the Renew IT team collected and processed the following for reuse:

  • 700 TFT monitors and TVs
  • 138 base units
  • 20 UPS and service
  • 24 printers and photocopies

Following the assessment for reuse over 1152 kg of WEEE was sent for recycling at an accredited recycler as well as 29 cooling devices and 42 small electrical items. 

Services provided

  • Onsite IT audit 
  • Dedicated Moves team and specialist IT engineers 
  • Decommission and de-racking of comms rooms and other IT estate
  • Cable management 
  • Refurbishing, data cleansing and re-using of IT assets 
  • Furniture removal, refurbishing and recycling 
  • IT and WEEE clearance, reuse and recycling 

Client feedback

The client was pleased with the outcome of the project as downtime and disruption to the business were minimised due to Premier’s thorough planning and flexibility. 

"I would like to express my thanks to the Premier team for handling the relocation of to our new offices. The team, at all levels, were extremely helpful and professional, and the move went very smoothly indeed. I would be happy to recommend Premier."  - Facilities Director, Bird & Bird LLP.