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Client Requirements:-

In order to deliver greater internal efficiencies, the Cabinet Office has been undergoing an estate rationalisation programme. Premier Sustain, working in partnership with Bouygues E&S FM, was asked to to look at office desk remodelling options, to assess the cost and environmental savings achievable, before being asked to provide our full range of sustainable furniture and workplace services to deliver even greater savings.

Service Solution:-

Premier Sustain carried out a desk remodelling trial with the Cabinet Office’s existing furniture.  An 1800 x 1800mm corner core workstation was resized to a 1400 x 800mm straight desk.  Following the approval of this sample, Premier Sustain has been resizing a range of desks across the Cabinet Office Estate to help them make the most of their offices, achieving space and cost savings.

Since starting to provide this desk remodelling for the Cabinet Office, Premier Sustain has gone on to deliver a range of sustainable furniture and workplace services, working closely with the Facilities Team.  This has included sustainable clearances and internal moves across the Cabinet Office Estate including: Tufton Street, Admiralty Arch, Whitehall and Hercules House.  By identifying reuse, refurbishment, resale and donation opportunities through sustainable clearances, Premier Sustain has been able to deliver significant financial savings to the Cabinet Office as well as environmental and social benefits.

Project Outcomes:-

Premier has remodelled over 500 desks and 100 desk screens, saving the Cabinet Office over £50,000. This is in addition to the significant reductions in property costs resulting from increasing the efficiency of the work space. By following the principles of the waste hierarchy as part of the building clearances, revenue of nearly £5,000 has been generated through furniture resale and metal recycling. This has been used to further reduce the costs of services required by the Cabinet Office.

To date, approximately 200 items of furniture and office equipment cleared from the Cabinet Office Estate, which were not suitable for re-use within the Cabinet Office or elsewhere on the government estate, have been donated via The Giving Back Project.  This includes various items to ReStore Community Projects.  Not only has this provided a community benefit but it has also saved the Cabinet Office the cost of disposal of this unwanted furniture, estimated at £1,500, and has helped towards their target of zero waste to landfill.

"Many thanks to The Cabinet Office for your recent donations of office furniture and equipment from your property clearances, we are very grateful for the furniture donated to us through Premier’s The Giving Back Project. This enables ReStore Community Projects to continue our mission of providing training and employment opportunities to the long term unemployed, particularly to those who have been homeless or face other social needs." - Nadeem Razvi, General Manager, Restore Community Projects.


Cabinet Office