Clear Channel

  • IT
  • Remanufacturing
  • Clearances
  • Giving back project
  • Relocation

Client Requirement

In 2015, Clear Channel UK - one of the world’s leading advertising companies - needed to relocate 230 staff from two buildings into the London Wall site.  Premier Workplace Services provided a proposal for the move to Clear Channel and were awarded the contract.

Following the completion of refurbishment works in one of the original buildings, Premier was asked in 2016 to relocate all staff and workstations back in, then to operate a sustainable clearance of the redundant property. This project was seamlessly delivered on time and within budget, resulting in Premier being awarded regular contracts for the relocations of satellite offices around the UK.

Project Solution

Premier’s Account Manager co-ordinated the divisions of Premier Sustain, Moves and Systems IT with the Clear Channel team to put in place a meticulous plan to cover the logistical foundations of the project moves.

Premier Moves provided crates and packaging to enable the protection of all IT and desktop items, and carried out the dismantling, relocation and reassembling of the furniture. Premier Systems IT effectuated the decommission and recommission of IT workstations and servers, also running a test script on the recommissioning for the client’s own IT team, to ensure a smooth handover.

Clear Channel UK also made use of Premier Sustain’s remanufacturing service, thereby minimising spend on new furniture and reducing waste. Desks were re-topped to make use of existing frames, and bespoke furniture and seating for a breakout area was also manufactured, along with furniture for a meeting room.

For the clearance, Premier provided a reuse and recycling solution for the majority of items cleared from the two buildings, with the remaining items donated via the Giving Back Project.

Services Provided

  • Pre and post move support
  • Provision of packaging materials
  • Relocation of furniture
  • IT de-commissioning and re-commissioning
  • Test script for re-commissioning developed to facilitate handover to client’s IT team
  • Sustainable clearance
  • Furniture donation via The Giving Back Project
  • Office furniture remanufacturing
  • Recycling of furniture

Project Feedback

The projects were each delivered on time and within budget supported by a complete move management service. The remanufactured furniture helped the client to deliver a sustainable and professional working environment for staff in a cost-effective way.

Premier’s initial contract in 2015 with Clear Channel UK resulted in new relocation projects for Premier across the UK including office moves in Manchester, Dartford and Woking. 


Clear Channel