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Client requirements

The client required the clearance of the main sites within the London campus, alongside relocations of staff, over a two year period and the clearance of two regional offices in Cardiff and Newcastle.

London project

During a period of two years Premier Moves carried out over 7000 staff moves between buildings. This left large volumes of redundant furniture ranging from chairs and desks to catering equipment.

Premier Sustain was tasked with the clearance of over 300 vehicle loads of furniture for environmental recycling and resale. During the clearance full details of financial credits and project documentation were provided back to the client on a monthly basis.

Premier’s storage team also provided assistance by storing over 250 work stations ready for reuse on future projects.

Cardiff and Newcastle projects

Resale and reuse were the themes for these projects. Utilising a number of our resale partners we managed to reuse over 70% of all unwanted furniture and equipment. In line with the waste hierarchy items that could not be reused or recycled were sent to energy from waste facilities.

A full management report was provided for the client giving a complete financial and environmental overview of the project.


Project feedback

By Premier Sustain carrying out the clearances in full coordination with the physical staff move Deloitte were able to hand over floors as vacant to the dilapidation contractor. This reduced the time and financial impacts on the overall hand back of buildings project.

Other services provided

Premier Systems IT also conducted all Decom Recom works during the London project along with project management support.

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