Edge Hill University

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Client requirements

Edge Hill University had built a new £26million state-of the art building on the university’s campus at Ormskirk, Lancashire.  The 8,000 square metre Catalyst building was to house Library and Learning Services, Careers and Student Services.  As well as hosting 230,000 books, the new space, which is to be open 24/7, features a coffee shop, meeting rooms, study space and a landscaped roof terrace.

The university required the relocation of 5,000 linear metres of books, journals and special collections from the existing university library to the new building.  The project also required the relocation of over 240 staff from 3 separate buildings, the Library, Careers, Learning Services and Student Services.

Project solution

Premier provided a highly experienced library specialist as a dedicated Move Manager to work in partnership with Edge Hill University, to develop the relocation strategy and oversee the move.  This included attending planning meetings, managing logistics, H&S arrangements, traffic routes and access requirements and restrictions.

A flexible move timetable was developed, delivering the library relocation within twelve consecutive days.  Premier completed the move of approximately 5,000 linear metres of books and journals (over 186,000 items) and 270 metres of special collections during the period.  Student Services, Careers and Learning Services were then moved in several weeks later.  As part of these staff moves, Premier relocated filing, furniture and IT equipment.

With the relocation taking place within a lively university campus, Premier was focused on ensuring the safety of students as well as the library’s materials throughout the project. The walk between the buildings presented many potential obstacles and risks including students, trip hazards, inclement weather and possible issues with trollies catching on uneven pavements.  As a result, Premier advised the use of crates and smaller vehicles, offering a more efficient and safer mode of moving the books. In line with the university’s health & safety procedures, Premier also provided a banksman who walked with vehicles at all times.

To complete the book and special collections move, Premier supplied a permanent team from the company’s dedicated specialist library team, all fully trained in packing both Dewey and Library of Congress systems.

In order to maintain the pristine condition of the new Catalyst building, Premier placed building protection around all traffic walkways, lifts and vulnerable doors and walls as well as walkways.

Services provided

  • Move management, strategy and planning, communication
  • Attendance at planning meetings
  • Provision of specialist packaging materials and labels
  • Sequential packing and unpacking of library materials
  • Special collection packaging service
  • Pre and post move support for staff moves
  • Production of health & safety and risk assessment documentation
  • Furniture dismantling, relocation and assembly
  • IT moves

Project feedback

Premier delivered a seamless move with minimum downtime that saw the library and their collections installed in their amazing new building in no time at all.  Edge Hill University Library was very complimentary of the commitment and approach of the whole team:

“On behalf of myself, Maria and all colleagues in the library I just want to pass on my thanks to Steve and the team who despite many setbacks and late nights, completed the stock and office removal to our new building, Catalyst, cheerfully and professionally.

“I fully appreciate the move took longer than anticipated or planned and I hope, if some of the same team return at the end of July for the final office moves, they get the chance to look round the building in a more complete state.   In the meantime I think the team deserve a day off and a few drinks at the weekend!  Many thanks again to the whole team.”

Alison Mackenzie, Dean of Learning Services, Edge Hill University