Guys & St. Thomas’

  • Specialist Relocation
  • Relocation
  • Move Management

Client Requirements:-

Guys and St Thomas’ issued a tender for a full range of specialist move management services for the entire hospital portfolio of one of the busiest and most diverse trusts in the NHS. They were looking for a highly professional and experienced relocation partner with extensive knowledge of working in the national health services.

Project Solution:-

Premier has been providing Guys and St Thomas’ with extensive move and related relocation services for many years. The planning and preparation for these highly specialised moves cannot be underestimated; Premier has vast experience of the medical sector and works closely in partnership with Guys & St Thomas’ in full appreciation of the sensitive and critical nature of the workplace.

Project Feedback:-

Within the scope of this contract Premier Moves has relocated the cardiac wards into the newly refurbished Stephen Ward and Beckett Ward at St Thomas’ Hospital. This extensive project required the relocation of all the ward equipment and key support services from both Guys and St Thomas’ hospitals. The services provided needed to remain fully functional throughout the migration period. The wards, operating theatres, ITU and other critical services had to have special consideration through the planning process and tight implementation to deliver a successful move without any interruption to staff and patients.

Moves Undertaken Include:

  • Accident & Emergency
  • Pharmacy
  • Variety of wards
  • Toxicology including chemical relocations
  • Pharmacy
  • Creams and ointments
  • Community team
  • Medical and x-ray records.

Client Feedback

The client was delighted with the latest relocation project and comments:

“Great service needs to be recognised. A huge thank you to all the Premier team who attended this weekend for the ward moves for the Cardiac teams.  The transfer and reoccupation of Stephen Ward seemed, on paper, to be about as stressful and difficult a pair of moves that we have had since the opening of Evelina over a decade ago. In the event, the moves were about the best that I can remember.  

The moves were complicated in that, whilst swapping two wards in quick succession, we also had to manage the redistribution of over a dozen spare beds by sleight of hand. Saturday was a long day with periods of inactivity followed by sudden bursts when everyone had to be alert and ready to jump to it when the patients were readied to move. The Premier team responded wonderfully as ever and the clinical team on Stephen Ward were full of praise for all the Premier staff who helped them safely transfer between the buildings.

On Sunday, the Premier team again responded brilliantly when the clinical team on Beckett Ward changed their move plan to take advantage of slightly reduced patient numbers. This meant that all patients transferred without incident in a single morning shift, allowing the clinical staff to settle in much earlier than expected and reduce the stress for patients and relatives as well. The Premier team then focussed their efforts on preparing the vacant ward for handover to the building contractors and also helping ward staff in the new area unpack and clear their crates so that as evening approached it was as if the ward had never moved.  Thanks to everyone who made this move so smooth.” Relocations Manager Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust