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Client Requirements

Kantar TNS, part of Kantar, is one of the largest research agencies worldwide. TNS has presence in over 80 countries.

TNS wished to dispose of redundant IT equipment including 186 LCD monitors and other desktop computers and accessories.

The client wished to audit all equipment, safely remove all items from the premises and securely wipe 100% of the data. Premier Renew IT were able to provide all the above services as well as recuperating and passing on the financial revenue from the resale of equipment. The remaining refurbished items were to be released for donation via The Giving Back Project. Premier were to avoid sending the redundant assets to landfill. 

Project Solution

Detailed information was provided in advance, which enabled Premier to plan logistical arrangements accordingly. 

Premier’s operations team sorted and safely packaged all the equipment to be removed from site, carefully boxing up and wrapping items by type. 

Upon arrival at Premier’s Renew IT Centre the asset recovery team carried out the following procedures:

  • Secure wiping of all IT items by security cleared staff using fully licensed Blancco system  
  • Test and visually inspect each item
  • Clean and remove asset tags 
  • Grade items according to cosmetic and functionality condition
  • Re-package and store for resale

Following the pre-arranged revenue sharing agreement with the client, Premier Renew IT worked with its trade partners to maximize the resale values of the monitors and pass on recuperated value back to the client.

Items that could not be resold were donated through Premier’s Giving Back Project, with a total 50 of the 186 monitors being given to Premier’s charity partners and local schools.

Services Provided

  • Packaging and safe removal of equipment 
  • Wiping of all IT items by security cleared staff using our fully licensed Blancco system
  • Asset audit
  • Testing, reconfiguring and repairing for re-use
  • IT equipment resale
  • IT equipment donation via the Giving Back Project
  • Zero to landfill clearance
  • Provision of clear audit trail with full reporting

Premier completed the works in a very professional manner, all items were loaded onto a separate vehicle (due to the amount to be removed) & removed from site efficiently in good time.

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