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Client requirements

KPMG required professional move management, furniture management and relocation services to support the company’s UK property portfolio. In September 2008, Premier Moves was appointed to carry out these services on an ongoing basis on KPMG’s behalf.

Following Premier Workplace Services’ appointment, there was an intensive implementation period involving familiarisation with the services and sites, the relocation of existing storage inventory from Manchester, Glasgow and London stores as well as the transfer of the existing team from the previous company under the TUPE requirements.

Part of Premier Moves responsibility was to maintain business-as-usual activities and in the first two months of the contract there were to be 1,200 staff moves in London. The move to Canada Square - one the biggest moves in London at the time - was orchestrated successfully. The Premier team’s next project was then to carry out a similar project in Birmingham involving a further 1,200 staff.

Project solution

The integrated services of the divisions within Premier Workplace Services provide a single source solution for our client. Project Managers and implement all move activities.

Our office moves solution involved:

  • Management and delivery of moves for over 5,500 staff
  • Decommissioning / re-commissioning of IT, printers and telephones
  • Cleaning of IT equipment
  • Refurbishment of 1300 workstations, which included deep cleaning screens, desk-tops, and pedestals
  • Re-spraying of legs, cabinets and pedestals
  • Storage of furniture for re use
  • Comprehensive clearance, re-sale and recycling of redundant furniture

Canada Square project

A major part of this project was to support KPMG in moving into the company’s new building at 15 Canada Square, Canary Wharf. The services required included move management, furniture installation, storage solutions, refurbishment of existing furniture and clearance of offices.

On clearing offices, each area needed to be re-established to support the handover of the legacy estate. Refurbishment, fit out and handover of new floors was also required. Premier provided all services to KPMG to cover all office moves, incorporating IT and telecommunications works.

Following on from the relocation project, KPMG required a new service at 15 Canada Square, which sees Premier support the daily set-up and changes to the entire meeting and conference rooms. Premier Workplace Services continue to support this UK-wide account. A team of four operatives work on this daily to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled in this ever changing environment

"Please pass my thanks and congratulations to the whole team for a seamless transition. It was a pleasure to be able to move straight in and start working at 08.00 with everything in place."

Workplace Team, KPMG

"The attitude of the Premier guys has been so helpful that it’s made life for everyone incredibly easy. We were amazed that by 10 am on the day of moving that everyone had their heads down and was working with no major issues, the Premier Team have done a sterling job and you should be rightly proud of them."

KPMG Manchester

Project feedback

The service offering has continued to develop from the original offering and Premier now supports this UK-wide account in an increasing number of different ways including:

  • Providing an onsite Contract Manager
  • Full time support covering meeting and conference rooms
  • New costing model to support new ways of working
  • Sustainable furniture management and clearance solution (through Premier Sustain)
  • IT relocation support (through Premier Systems)
  • Internal refurbishment projects (through Premier Interiors)
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