Large Arts College

  • Clearances
  • Relocation
  • Move Management
  • Interiors
  • IT

Client Requirements

In 2014 Premier Workplace Services moved the staff from a large Arts College across London whilst their property underwent a major refurbishment. Following completion of the works in 2017, Premier was asked to support the relocation of 300 staff back into the newly refurbished property and facilitate the clearance of their temporary accommodation.

Project solution

Premier Workplace Services’ Account Manager collaborated closely with the College’s team to plan the move which was to take place between Christmas and New Year whilst staff were not occupying the building. Particular points requiring attention were the access limitations: equipment needed to be hand-lifted up a flight of stairs as there is no elevator within the temporary site. Premier also allocated extra resources to facilitate the movement into the property which occupied a smaller footprint than the temporary site. 

Premier supplied crates and packing materials to accommodate the filing and workstations of the 300 staff being relocated. Bulk filing was packed and furniture carefully dismantled, followed by the workstations which were meticulously labelled and packed. The Premier fleet delivered all items to the newly refurbished college, reassembling furniture in situ according to the detailed plans.

Premier’s Systems IT division performed a full decom and recom of the desktop IT as well as relocating server racks.

Following the successful completion of the relocation, Premier was able to offer integrated services to provide a clearance of the site within 7 days to ensure the facility could be handed back in time to meet lease requirements. Premier Sustain collected and audited redundant items for reuse and remanufacturing, with Premier Interiors providing dilapidation work to help meet the landlord requirements. Premier Systems IT disconnected hardwired electrical items, and effectuated sustainable WEEE disposal.

Services Provided

  • Full Move Management for 300 staff
  • Crate provision
  • Decommissioning / re-commissioning of IT, printers and telephones
  • Packaging and relocation of IT equipment, filing and personal effects
  • Sustainable clearance
  • Interiors dilapidation works

Project Feedback

Premier’s integrated services enabled a successful project was within the Christmas/New Year timeframe. Careful planning and effective resourcing ensured that the challenge of access limitations didn’t impede progress.