Local Government Association

  • IT
  • Relocation
  • Move Management

Client Requirements:  

In 2016 Premier Workplace Services successfully moved the Local Government Association from Smith Square to a temporary site in Turnmill Street as Smith Square was to undergo a year-long refurbishment project.

In 2017, 330 staff were to move back into the newly-refurbished Smith Square property, with a strict budget provided for the relocation which needed to take place over one weekend.

Project Solution:

Working directly with the Local Government Association, Premier’s Move Manager attended weekly planning meetings to discuss access, IT and mapping.

Once the details had been finalised, Premier provided crates and packaging to the site, with the Moves team ensuring safe packing of all furniture and desktop items.

Premier Systems IT specialists decommissioned all desktop IT equipment, packing and recommissioning in the Smith Square site. Part of the Premier service includes provision of post-move IT support on Monday morning for staff returning to work in the new location.

Services Provided:

  • Provision of full move management
  • Supply of crates
  • Relocation services
  • Pre and post move support
  • Packing and unpacking support
  • IT decommissioning and recommissioning

Project Feedback

Premier Workplace Services completed the relocation during the weekend and within the agreed budget for the project.

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