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Client Requirements:-

Man Group engaged Premier Workplace Services to assist them with uniting their UK business in one location. This involved the relocation of over 300 personnel, including a large trading function, from their Mayfair premises on Curzon Street to Man Group’s headquarters at Riverbank House (RBH) in the City of London in order to base all of the investment businesses in one location.  Further office space was acquired in One Angel Lane, next door to Riverbank House, and over 400 infrastructure and finance staff were relocated from Riverbank House and 1 Swan Lane to One Angel Lane as part of the move.

Additionally, Man Group undertook a refurbishment project at Riverbank House to make the necessary changes to accommodate the investment businesses and sales teams from the Cuzon Street office.

In summary the project involved:-

Phase 1 - August 17 Single weekend

  • Riverbank House to Angel Lane – 190 personnel
  • Curzon Street to Angel Lane – 120 personnel
  • 1 Swan Lane to Angel Lane – 120 personnel
  • Curzon Street 1st – 2nd floor (internal) – 25 personnel
  • Curzon Street – Riverbank House – 10 personnel

Phase 2 - Oct 17-early Dec17

  • 5 Weekends of internal moves to enable build works to be completed for the final move from Curzon Street.
  • Move 6– Move from Curzon Street. 100 traders and 110 support staff over final weekend.
  • Exit works at Curzon Street including disconnection and clearance of surplus IT equipment to Premier Asset Recovery division – Renew IT.

Project Solution:-

Premier Workplace Services provided an Account and Implementation Management Team from June 17 to Dec 17 to work with Client PM to plan and deliver all phases.

Phase 1 involved the pre-installation of all new monitors, keyboard and mice, which Premier received at our store and then delivered in batches of 100 to site and installed all equipment within a 5 day period, in time for the personnel move, which involved 4 locations.

Premier also provided remodelled furniture to supplement the furniture provided by Nomura, Landlord at Angel Lane.

On completion of Phase 1, Premier provided a floor-walking team of IT engineers and porters to support all users at the two locations.  All existing monitors were removed from desks and sent to Premier’s Asset Recovery Centre for resale and donation.

Phase 2 was extremely complicated due to the requirement to refurbish the existing space within a live environment to accommodate the incoming personnel from Curzon Street.

In order to deliver the Project Plan and to achieve the exit date for Curzon Street, RBH had to be restacked over a number of phases in line with the refurbishment. On a number of phases, the Premier team would be installing furniture and IT equipment on the Sunday, to ensure Man Group personnel were operational from the Monday morning. New monitors were installed for investment and infrastructure personnel, and all existing monitors were removed from desks and sent to Premier’s Asset Recovery Centre for resale and donation.

Due to the tight timescales for procurement of new furniture, Premier introduced Man Group to our Resale Division and they provided a solution for bespoke items, including the reception desk, recycling bins, meeting room credenzas and some soft seating.

Services Included:-

  • Full Move Management for over 900 staff.
  • Decommissioning / re-commissioning of IT, printers and telephones
  • Installation of new Monitors
  • Cleaning of existing IT equipment
  • Relocation of IT equipment, filing and personal effects
  • Post move floorwalkers for IT & Moves
  • Collection of all surplus monitors and keyboards focusing on donation and resale
  • Refurbishment of workstations
  • Supply of bespoke furniture for meeting rooms and central areas
  • Storage and management of Man Group furniture stock
  • Complete clear-out of all equipment, surplus items and rubbish with a final clean for both 1 Swan Lane and Curzon Street
  • Minor repair works at 1 Swan Lane

A complex project that required a flexible, responsive and professional company, which Premier Workplace Services delivered to an exceptional standard.

Previous Project for Man Group:-

Previously in 2014 Premier had worked with Man group when they had relocated 850 staff from across two offices to the premises in Lower Thames Street. As part of this project the Man Group required a sustainable clearance solution to manage the excess furniture and equipment that it no longer required. This client also wanted to give staff the opportunity to purchase some of the furniture if they so desired.

The relocation requirement was for an experienced and professional commercial partner to work with Man Group’s move management partner to relocate staff as part of a multi-phase project that would be completed over several weekends.

Project solution:-

In addition to the physical relocation services that Premier Workplace Services provided, the Sustain division worked closely with the Client’s move management company, and internal staff, to set up a staff sales facility that successfully enabled staff to purchase items from the redundant stock. To achieve this, a catalogue of items available was distributed to staff and an ordering and collection process was set up over several weekends.

Premier’s Sustain division worked with its trade partners and charities co-ordinator to maximise the resale values of the furniture items and ensure that all items that couldn’t be resold but could be donated via The Giving Back Project were identified and distributed accordingly. This approach was supported by a zero to landfill clearance of other unwanted furniture and equipment carried out by Premier Sustain.

Premier worked closely with the move management team to deliver against the multi-phase move plan. The team ensured sufficient resources were available through each element of the relocations to deliver the schedule of moves within the given timescales enabling business to continue as normal.

Project feedback:-

A significant volume of unwanted items were resold or donated. This reuse, combined with maximum recycling of non-reusable items enabled Man Group PLC to achieve a carbon saving of over 240 CO2(e) tonnes for this sustainable clearance.

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