Ocado – online grocery retailer headquarters

  • Move Management
  • Relocation
  • IT

Client Requirements:   

Ocado’s Headquarters were originally positioned to the south of Hatfield, Hertfordshire. The business needed to consolidate into two buildings in Hatfield Business Park, moving 1200+ staff in 5 phases in 2016-17.

Project Solution:

Premier Workplace Services provided a Move Manager to work in-house with Ocado to provide a thorough solution to the 5-phase relocation:

  • Phase 1 – move 200 people
  • Phase 2 – move 250 people (Contact Centre team)
  • Phase 3 – move 350 people
  • Phase 4 – move 250 people
  • Phase 5 – move 200 people

Prior to the moves, Premier’s team mapped the existing locations of all workplaces and furniture that needed to be relocated. A filing audit compiled by the Premier team logged the precise details of all items to be moved.

Premier provided detailed move instructions to the relevant parties in the Ocado team, ordering crates and packaging for the safe removal of all workplace items.

During each of the five phases, Premier’s specialist teams oversaw furniture dismantling and decommissioned IT, safely and securely moving all items into their new positions, as per the detailed plans that had been drawn up alongside the Ocado Property team.

Once all items were in the correct new location, Moves team put together all desking and prepared workplaces.

Each phase was completed over a weekend, with workers able to start in their new locations on the Monday morning.

To ensure a smooth handover, Premier provided a small team of porters to clear away unpacked crates, locate and pack away empty crates and ensure that the staff were able to start working at their stations as soon as possible with minimal disruption.

Services Provided:

  • 5-phase move of 1200 staff into new location
  • Pre-move mapping of all furniture for relocation
  • Safe transport of all items 
  • On-site team for post-move packaging 

Rebecca Bayliss, Ocado’s Property Project Manager commented;

“Premier provided an exemplary end to end service, ensuring a smooth relocation of all teams. The critical nature of moving an operational Contact Centre was handled with ease and issues were resolved promptly by an on-site move manager. I would like to extend a thank you to all those involved with the relocation of the Ocado head office, and look forward to working with you again in the future.”