Parliamentary Estates Directorate

  • Clearances
  • Interiors
  • Relocation
  • IT

Client requirements

The Parliamentary Estate Directorate (PED) required a professional removals and porterage service to cover their entire estate. This was in addition to requiring storage for contemporary and historic furniture that would need transferring in and out of store as well as specialised IT relocation services in to cover all requirements of both the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

For all elements of the contract it was a critical requirement that a suitable number of securely cleared personnel would be available to provide support on site for special occasions including:

  • General Elections
  • State Opening of Parliament and State Visits
  • Other Special Projects

The project involved a full TUPE process combined with a month of shadowing the existing works programme to gain familiarisation of the Estate and working practices.

Project solution

The integrated services of the divisions within the Premier Group provided a single source solution. Premier Moves provides removals, porterage and storage for PED to support House of Commons and House of Lords personnel.

We have a core porterage team on site full time to carry out various types of moves, dining room and conference set ups. Premier Moves has approximately 100 personnel security cleared to attend site at PED.

Client feedback

One the largest projects we have completed for PED involved 1,200 personnel and related to the General Election. This included setting up temporary accommodation for new members and moving defeated members within the Estate.

It was critical to provide a smooth transition throughout this period. To support the physical move the System team, had to collect, store, and distribute IT equipment for new MPs and staff.

Premier Moves has since been awarded this contract for an additional three years.


Services provided

  • Core Porterage
  • Project Moves Management
  • Packing and Unpacking of Filing
  • IT Services
  • Conference and Dining Room Set Ups
  • Storage of Historic and Contemporary Items including Environmentally Controlled Areas

Premier Systems IT has 25 cleared engineers that are CTC (Counter Terrorist Check) cleared for this project and operate the daily running of the help desk. The services provided include the:

  • Distribution and installation of new IT equipment
  • Collection and environmental and secure disposal of all redundant equipment
  • De-commissioning, transportation, cleaning and re-commissioning on all project related work

In addition to this, Premier Sustain has supported clearance requirements to ensure that items that need to be disposed of are dealt with in the most sustainable way. This has included sending thousands of carpet tiles for reuse via a social enterprise partner saving both money and carbon emissions as well as supporting employment generation.

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