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Client Requirement

St Bartholomew’s Hospital issued a tender for a full range of specialist move management services for this major relocation project.  They were looking for a highly professional and experienced relocation partner with extensive knowledge of working in the NHS and experience in specialist medical relocation. 

Premier Workplace Services successfully tendered for this contract under Phase 2 of the New Hospitals Programme.  

Staff and services were to be moved from 9 different buildings into St Bartholomew’s Hospital in West Smithfield. Initially, clinical areas were to be relocated to St Bartholomew’s Hospital and later to the new Barts Heart Centre at St Bartholomew’s, bringing together staff and services from The London Chest Hospital in Bethnal Green and The Heart Hospital in the West End as well as other building locations.  

The Barts Heart Centre concentrates specialist services in larger numbers in one location, which improves outcomes and reduces complications – this can save even more lives a year by providing patients with world-class care at every stage - from prevention and diagnosis, through to treatment and rehabilitation.

In addition to these specialist relocations, Premier were to remove surplus furniture from 15 buildings, reusing and recycling as appropriate within the waste hierarchy.

Project Solution

The planning and preparation for these highly specialised large-scale moves cannot be underestimated due to the sensitive nature of the workplaces involved.  Premier Workplace Services devised a bespoke management, relocation and recycling solution for the project, working in close collaboration with the Barts Health NHS Trust Team. 

In order to complete the project successfully, Premier’s detailed solution included move planning and implementation management, new furniture and equipment deliveries, the relocation of 160 separate departments to new or existing buildings, removal and recycling of all surplus furniture and equipment and the specialist migration of medical records and laboratory areas.

During the move, the Premier Team relocated theatres, imaging and other clinical departments including laboratories to new locations. This included relocation of extremely sensitive ward environments, with the maintenance of health and safety and sanitisation procedures being crucial, as well the minimisation of disruption to department and ward operation.

Within the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and High Dependency Unit (HDU), the timing of the moves was particularly critical. These wards continued to be operational and the Premier Team worked closely with the patient transfer teams to ensure smooth-running of these particular stages of the project.  

Theatres had to be pre-stocked in order to be ready for immediate use, limiting impact on hospital services.  To achieve this, Premier planned every move in minute detail and set up parallel operations to ensure an ongoing service.

A specialist security-cleared Premier team relocated over 2000 meters of medical records and x-rays, ensuring that the correct handling and security requirements were in place.  It was vital that hospital staff could have access to all records throughout the moves, which was successfully achieved.

Premier’s IT experts ensured that IT and communications were successfully moved and recommissioned, ensuring that the Trust’s staff experienced a minimum of disruption.

Following the clearing of all buildings there were a number of internal moves to ensure all operations were in the right place. The Premier Team unloaded deliveries of new equipment and furniture into agreed areas and distributed these to new locations following the detailed plans. Premier provided temporary storage during the move in order to minimize impact on the Barts storage facilities.

Premier devised a sustainable solution for removal, resale and recycling of furniture and equipment from existing sites, helping the Trust to achieve financial savings and a carbon saving of over 169 carbon equivalent tonnes.

An asset disposal register of all redundant equipment and furniture and equipment was produced to ensure sale of equipment or recycling was easily manageable. 

After clearance, all buildings were cleaned with documented sign off in consultation with the Trust Team.  

Services Provided Included

  • Move and logistics planning, working together with the Trust’s team
  • Secure crates, packing materials for safe transportation of filing, IT and clinical equipment
  • Supply, labelling, packing and unpacking of crates 
  • Relocation of key equipment, wards, consulting areas, operating theatres, offices and furniture
  • Telephony and IT decommission and re-commission
  • Moving of medical records and x-rays which included the provision of fully trained packing and unpacking teams
  • Taking delivery of equipment and furniture and moving them to new locations where necessary
  • Providing temporary storage facilities 
  • Developing a sustainable solution for removal, resale and recycling of furniture and equipment
  • Cleaning of buildings after clearance

Project Feedback

Premier Workplace Services delivered a successful major relocation project, on time and within budget and with minimal disruption to the ongoing services provided to the patients by the staff within the Barts Trust NHS team. 

The success of this project was due to meticulous planning and the strong partnership between the Premier Team and the Trust.  Premier’s specialist expertise and experience ensured an efficient project was delivered. 

Since this large-scale project, Premier has worked in conjunction with Barts on other workplace projects across the Trust’s estate.

"All departments remained operational throughout the project and all programme deadlines were achieved successfully. This was an immense task and we are proud that as an Estate Management Team we chose to use Premier Moves whose reputation had preceded them and now we know why. They not only met our specific criteria they exceed our and our end users’ expectation on every phase. Premier’s project teams worked seamlessly with our own, which is why this project was so highly regarded as one of the best the hospital has experienced. Premier’s reward is to continue our excellent partnership moving forward on future projects."

-Steve Eames, Barts Health NHS Trust Project Manager