Royal College of Physicians

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  • Relocation
  • Clearances

Client Requirements:

The Royal College of Physicians required a relocation of the staff from the National Guideline Centre from the 5th floor at 180 Great Portland Street onto the first and second floors at 11 St. Andrews Place, a Grade I Listed Building. The relocation amounted to 81 staff and a time-frame of three weekends was allocated for the three phases of the move, as follows:

Phase 1 – Meetings and events team: 15 staff. Building 11 Lower Mezzanine floor to first floor Building 6 Saturday 14th October 2017.

Phase 2 – Finance and IT team: 40 staff. From 2nd and first floor internally to Lower Mezzanine floor in Building 11 Friday 10th and Saturday 11th November 2017.

Phase 3 – Transfer 40 staff from the 5th floor at 180 Great Portland Street and deliver to the 1st and second floors, basement and IT storage facilities at 11 St Andrews Place. 1st and 2nd December 2017.

Following the move, the office at Great Portland Street required clearance and recycling.

Project Solution:

Premier provided a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for this relocation and participated in project meetings with the RCP to ensure meticulous planning of logistics, access and mapping as well as supplying sufficient crates for all the items to be relocated.

On each of the three weekends, Premier’s specialist Moves and Systems IT teams provided building protection as required to ensure no damage was sustained to the properties.

Premier Systems IT decommissioned and recommissioned the desktop IT, including demounting screens and remounting onto new monitor arms in St Andrews Place. Post-move support was provided on each Monday morning following the phases 2 and 3.

Once the 5th floor of Great Portland Street had been vacated, Premier Sustain performed the clearance for the handback of the office, providing certification of general waste disposal and carbon waste report. A total of 129 items of desk furniture was cleared, as well as 86 CRT monitors. All IT assets and WEEE items were assessed for reuse and securely cleared.

The RCP wished to donate 20 desks, pedestals and 40 operator chairs to Premier’s portfolio of charities through The Giving Back Project.

Services Provided:

  • Crate and packaging Supply
  • Relocation of 95 staff in 3 phases
  • Specialist protection in Grade I Listed Building
  • IT Decom/Recom
  • Sustainable office clearance
  • Furniture donation via The Giving Back Project

Client Feedback:

The project was delivered completely to the satisfaction of the client, on time and on budget. 


“It all went very well thank you. As usual, your chaps were exceptional.”

Property Service Manager, Royal College of Physicians


Royal College