Royal Holloway University Library

  • Relocation
  • Clearances
  • Move Management
  • Specialist Relocation
  • IT

Client Requirements:

Royal Holloway is one of the UK’s leading research-intensive universities, with 21 academic departments and schools spanning the arts and humanities, sciences, social sciences, management, economics and law. Over 9,000 students learn from internationally renowned Academics and Researchers.

Royal Holloway University was seeking to relocate existing library stock equating to 13,500 linear metres (over 600,000 books) from various locations on the campus into a brand-new Library & Student Services Centre (LSSC) within the campus grounds on Egham Hill. The relocation was also to include the workspaces for approximately 85 staff from three different campus departments. The allocated time frame was three weeks.

Premier Workplace Services has specialist libraries expertise, and was able to offer a unique contract to move 600-700 linear metres of packing per day for the 21 day period (including weekends).

Project Solution:

Premier Moves provided a highly experienced Project Manager to work alongside Royal Holloway University Library team to ensure thorough planning and dedicated management throughout the relocation. Premier and the library staff ensured that the logistical requirements for access were widely communicated in order to maintain business as usual for students and staff.

Premier’s dedicated library team managed the careful sequential packing required to move the allocated book stock from the Bedford library, Founder’s building and the University of London Depository building into the new LSSC building.

Particular care was required for access and logistics within the Founder’s Building which is a historical property on the campus. Founder’s Building was home to the archive and rare book, letters and photograph collections which represented 1,500 linear metres of the total stock to be moved. Specialist packaging was brought in by Premier to ensure the delicate handling of these rare archives and books. The existing shelving in each library was dismantled, relocated and reassembled in the LSSC building.

The Premier Moves team supplied packing resources for the relocation of the 85 staff with Premier Systems IT moving and recommissioning desktop IT equipment. Personal and departmental filing was all sequentially packaged and relocated.

Following the relocation, the Founders Building reading room was restacked with ‘wallpaper books’ to maintain the visual appearance of these historic rooms. For all redundant furniture, including roller and static racking, Premier Sustain kept items of redundant furniture to be donated to charity via Premier’s Giving Back Project.


Services Provided:

  • Move management, strategy, logistical planning and communication
  • Provision of specialist packaging materials
  • Sequential packing and unpacking of library materials
  • Shelving dismantling, relocation and assembly
  • Packing, moving and unpacking materials
  • IT, filing and furniture relocation
  • Specialist library packers’ services
  • Rare book and historic art moves
  • Environmental clearance and donation of furniture via The Giving Back Project


Project Feedback:

Royal Holloway University Library was delighted with the expert services that Premier Moves supplied for this project and the high standard of completion, especially with such a tight timeline. All works were completed on time and to budget.