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In May 2016, Barts Health NHS Trust working in partnership with Skanska joined up with

Premier Sustain. The team wanted to create a repair and reuse platform within the trust, repairing items that would otherwise have been disposed of.

Since then, the team has helped to divert 968 items (18 tonnes) for repair and reuse within their five hospitals. Skanska predict the scheme has already saved around £2400 in waste skip movements and approximately £173k in procuring new furniture.

Project solution


The scheme has helped to create a closed loop repair system, ensuring the usable life of furniture items is maximised, delivering greater cost efficiency and carbon savings for Barts Health NHS Trust.

The team worked closely with the furniture porters and the estates and facilities team to ensure good and reusable furniture is segregated and stored in designated areas at each hospital for monthly collections.

The team developed training packages and identification labels to ensure items are diverted and tracked. This allows for items to be returned to their user when required. 

Any items that aren’t specifically being returned to a user, are stored in stock on an online catalogue. The team is then able to do a like for like swap with areas which request a repair.

As well as having a positive cost saving, the scheme is helping to reduce Barts  Health’s Carbon Footprint. Refurbishing the items has saved an estimated 600 tonnes of carbon dioxide (eqv) through reuse and waste prevention, a saving equivalent to taking six cars off the road for a year.

The scheme has helped move the focus of the waste management service further up the waste hierarchy. It is hoped that through engagement with Barts Health procurement, we can further increase reuse and repair, creating a closed loop cycle of furniture procurement.

Client feedback

The Ambrose King Centre at the Royal London Hospital contacted the E&F Waste Management team in September 2016, as they were refurbishing their 1st floor clinic areas. They wanted to see if the Trust had any “wipe clean” waiting room chairs that they could reuse, as they were looking to save money.

Premier Sustain had previously collected and recovered 27 chairs from Barts hospital, waiting for a new home, the team arranged for the chairs to be delivered to the Ambrose King Centre in October 2016.

“We couldn’t believe our luck. We were expecting an array of chairs in different shapes, sizes and colours. If this is the standard of salvage from our waste skips, then let’s please stop throwing this stuff away!”

- Johura Begum, Assistant Service Manager at the Ambrose King Centre


Case Study: Skanska & Barts Health

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