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  • Relocation
  • IT
  • Clearances

Client Requirements 

Premier Workplace Services has an ongoing contract with SKY, working with their Project Management Company Baker Stuart to support the day-to-day moves and changes within their corporate headquarters, SKY SPACE and across their studio and wider estate. A dedicated Account Manager from Premier Moves oversees budgeting and solutions for relocation activity within the SKY estate. Two full-time embedded staff work within the SKY estate, with scheduled weekly visits from a Premier Systems IT technician to enable a quick turnaround on small-scale relocations and communications solutions.

Premier Workplace Service’s integrated service provision means that larger operational projects can be fully planned and supported by the specialist IT, Clearance, Interiors and Storage teams.

Service Delivery

Premier’s Account Manager oversees the regular moves and changes within SKY’s dynamic workforce, providing transparent budgeting costs and flexible solutions to maximise efficiency during day-to-day activity and ensure operational delivery meets the overall business strategy.

This proactive approach and ongoing collaboration with the SKY estate management team ensures that the principle of agile working is seamlessly delivered through the provision of Premier’s IT support, furniture moves, conference set-ups and equipment maintenance.

Premier’s commitment to sustainability means that SKY can ensure environmental best practice targets are met.

Regular reports and meetings are used to review how Premier has worked to deliver cost savings through operational efficiencies and environmental innovations.

Premier Workplace Services provides:

  • Management and delivery of moves and changes across SKY estate
  • 2 embedded members of Premier Moves staff
  • 1 weekly scheduled visit by Premier Systems IT
  • Audit and budgeting for business-as-usual projects
  • Conference set-ups
  • Relocations of furniture and equipment 
  • On-site repairs and cleaning of furniture and IT
  • Costing, planning and auditing for larger projects
  • Decommissioning/re-commissioning of IT and communications
  • Sustainable furniture management and clearance solution

Supporting Larger Projects

Premier Workplace Service’s contract with SKY also covers engagement with the overall estate strategy, to proactively assist with the forward-planning of future larger-scale projects.

Premier’s specialist divisions united for the 2016 relocation of 3,500 staff from 19 properties into the newly built SKY SPACE campus. This ambitious and dynamic project was designed to facilitate fully agile and open occupation by the SKY teams. Premier Moves successfully relocated approximately 500 staff during each of the five main weekend phases, minimising disruption to the working day.

Ten ‘neighbourhood’ areas were created, each housing between 150 to 350 co-locating staff. The SKY departments were given certain allocations of space and options for the layout of their work area, and were then given the freedom to decide how to use this space most effectively.  SKY MOVES bags and lockers were issued to each member of staff and there was an approximate allocation of desks for 7 out of every 10 staff. Storage was not allocated, so a storage audit was undertaken with sufficient crates provided by Premier to support the relocation. Through engaging with more online resources a 40% reduction in storage requirements were achieved across the estate.

Accurate communication was vital to the success of these workplace changes, with Premier’s project team engaging effectively with the key messages and enabling the promotion of the benefits of the move and the new ways of agile working.

Sustainable Methods

Premier’s embedded team ensures that all redundant furniture is removed for storage, remanufacture or recycling to maximise reuse.

For the relocation project into SKY SPACE, part of the pre-planning by Premier included helping SKY to achieve maximum reuse of the existing furniture from buildings being vacated across the estate.  Following the exit of 19 buildings Premier’s Sustain division carried out an audit of redundant office furniture and equipment, aiming to find the most sustainable solution for these items of furniture. 

Project Feedback

The project manager Mark McNally outlines the success of this unique relocation and workplace project: 

“The best thing about the approach we took is that it enabled people to come into this building and choose how to use it on their terms, with hindsight we could have unplanned even further to allow the staff even more freedom.  After the moves there was a team on site to support staff with any requirements in the new building. We also had a helpdesk for calls, but had a very low level of enquiries given the extent of workplace change this project delivered.”

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