Debenhams – Internal Restack

  • Relocation
  • Move Management
  • Clearances
  • IT

Client Requirements:  

Debenhams required support during a refurbishment project to complete a complex internal restack of 800 staff over 10 weekends. Each of these team members were to be moved into a decant area for 1 or 2 weeks during refurbishment works, making a total of 1600 staff moves within the project timeframe. To optimise efficiency, the reinstallation of workstations needed to progress alongside removals of furniture from another floor to be stored in trailers on-site.

Premier Moves deployed their expertise in managing these complex relocations and provided on-site storage to enable an efficient turnaround.

Project Solution:

Premier provided a Moves Manager to work directly with Debenhams, participating in regular meetings to ensure that all access and logistical arrangements were covered. To maintain flexibility and efficiency, Premier held conference call meetings following each of the 10 weekends, meaning that the team could manage the budget and resources carefully.

Premier provided on-site trailers for the temporary storage of furniture during the refurbishment works.

The complexity of the arrangements required meticulously planned pre-move audits and mapping, to ensure that the two weekends of simultaneous reinstallations and relocations were successfully delivered. These two weekends involved moving furniture into the correct locations, then removing and storing furniture from the location where the next phase of the refurbishment was to take place. Post-refurbishment, Premier needed to reinstall the furniture prior to the installation of workstations.

Specialists from Premier Systems IT supported the moves, taking charge of the decommissioning and recommissioning of desktop IT as well as servers as required, to ensure that each Monday staff were able to start work in their temporary decant area or newly-refurbished location.

Following the audit, Premier Sustain collected any unwanted furniture and electrical items for remanufacture, recycling or donation in line with the waste hierarchy.

Services Provided:

  • Full move management
  • Supply of crates
  • IT decommissioning and recommissioning
  • Pre and post move IT support
  • Packing and unpacking support
  • Storage trailer supply
  • Sustainable clearance

Project Feedback

This complex internal restack project was successfully carried out within the designated budget and timeframe.

“Premier Workplace Services provided Debenhams with a complete package, from Planning to completion. Premier’s site manager organised our floor reps and made sure all was correctly labelled ensuring no mistakes at the destination.

Movers and fitters couldn’t have been more helpful and understanding even during last second changes. IT teams were professional and included asset registering our kit as well as moving. I would recommend Premier Workplace Solutions and would not hesitate to use them again”

Debenhams Facilities Manager