Earth Day at Premier: No more single-use plastic cups!

03 May 2018

To celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April, Premier launched an ‘Earth Week’ Competition, during which all team members were encouraged to submit ideas for actions that the company could implement which would further reduce its impact on the environment.

The criteria for the winning idea were: ease of implementation, measurable environmental impact reduction and financial saving.

The winning idea - which met all three of the criteria - was selected: Premier will no longer purchase single use plastic cups for use with the many water dispensers that are provided for staff. The Premier team will be encouraged to bring reusable vessels instead (bottles, flasks etc.)

Premier’s Health, Safety and Compliance Manager, Stephen Baskett, received a huge, positive response from the Premier team and judges were encouraged by the importance the Premier staff place on the environment, the planet and future generations. Selecting the winner from so many great ideas was a tough process!

Stephen commented:

“The winning idea is easy and effective to implement and represents a positive step forward. Single use plastics are responsible for the pollution of the world’s waterways, which has a devastating effect on our planet and the human food chain. If everyone took just one small step in reducing single use plastics, the resulting impacts would be one huge step in reducing the damage we are doing to our natural world.”

The judges would like to add:

“Thank you to everyone who took part, your ideas were greatly received and really appreciated by the ISO Management Team and the Board of Directors.”