Reasons to consider office desk remanufacture

Our office desk remanufacturing services enable our clients to make the most of existing assets by reusing legacy furniture that is looking tired, no longer fits the footprint of your office or your current working style.  

Remanufactured desks cost typically 70% less than the cost of new desks and a remanufactured desk has a water footprint of 35% of that of a new desk enabling organisations to make significant cost and environmental savings.



Desk remanufacturing services available

At our award-winning Renew Centre, we have invested in a range of machinery and technology to enable us to deliver high quality remanufacturing and remodelling services:  

  • Resizing and remodelling of corner, wave and straight desk tops
  • Production of desktop for use on existing framework
  • Reconfiguration of desking for agile working environments
  • Changing colour and resizing acoustic screens and notice boards
  • Production of trial pieces

We also remanufacture, re-upholster and repair office chairs and other seating.

Warranties provided

All desks and other furniture undergo a rigorous test and assessment process upon completion of remanufacturing and remodelling to ensure they withstand the wear and tear of the office environment. They also come with a warranty ensuring your office assets really are as good as new.

Benefits of desk remanufacturing 

  • Extend the life span of your office assets
  • Save substantially on the cost of new desks
  • Increase the productivity of your workspace
  • Save costs on office space
  • Build desks to your own specification
  • Receive warranties just like with new desks
  • Reduce your environmental impact

What our customers say

“We have been using Premier Sustain to remanufacture our existing 1800 cm x 1800 cm corner core workstations to 1400 x 800 straight desks. This has helped us save space in our office and the cost of remanufacturing is much less then new and there are environmental benefits too. We are impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the service we receive from Premier Sustain.”

Space Planning Manager Bouygues E&S UK Limited


Premier Sustain offers a unique desk remanufacturing service from our award winning remanufacturing, refurbishment and repair facility, the Renew Centre. We have invested in a range of tools and technology and a fully trained team to enable us to deliver high quality remanufactured desks, notice boards and acoustic screens.



Service sheet: Desk remanufacturing