Can you really refurbish an office in a weekend?

13 December 2016

With change constant in the workplace, we recognise the need for a speedy refurbishment to make sure the working environment supports business purposes.  If you need to re-format an office, update a workspace or complete a full office refresh, with maximum speed and minimum downtime, then the Premier Interiors ‘fast track’ refurbishment service is an ideal solution.

The weekend refresh

If you need to refresh an office space without moving staff then Premier Interiors can carry out complete refurbishments over a weekend period.  Ideal for workspaces of around 50 users, Premier Interior’s ‘weekend refresh’ can change office configurations, re-carpet, decorate, move power points, install furniture and a whole lot more and still have the office ready for the team on the Monday morning. 

Fast track interiors

For larger scale projects we can still deliver major changes with a very short turnaround time.  Premier Interiors has delivered major projects of 3,000 sqm to 5,000 sqm within a two to three week period, with major works completed including:

• Stripping out the offices and carpet

• Building new offices and meeting rooms

• Re-patching and repairing of ceiling tiles

• Replacing and renewing lighting systems

• Upgrading and replacing all the HVAC systems

• Remanufacturing and refurbishing office desks and chairs

• Installing kitchens and other amenity areas

See for yourself!

Watch a short video of one of our latest projects where Premier Interiors refurbished five buildings, totalling over 20,000m2 of office space across fifteen floors, completing 5,000 sqm in a three week period.


Securely planned and delivered 

The key to successful ‘fast track’ refurbishment lies in the planning and preparation.  Mindful at all times of the requirements of the CDM regulations, our experienced team will work with you, reviewing your plans, budget and timescale and will set out what can be achieved to meet your requirements and fully comply with all regulations.  Find out more about our interiors project management services.

Integrated service

Premier Interiors is able to call on the expert services from the other Premier divisions to help deliver this fast track approach.  From packing and unpacking crates, IT decommissioning and re-commissioning and office furniture remanufacturing, refurbishment and installation, our team’s carefully planned integrated approach is delivered seamlessly with minimum impact on your working environment.