G64R task chair

09 December 2016

The benefits of G64R

  • All of the quality of Orangebox’s G64
    The new G4R is Orangebox approved, uses Orangebox replacement parts and is designed to comply with British Standard 8887-220 (design for manufacture, assembly, disassembly and end-of-life processing).  
  • Designed to your own specification
    Your new G64R office chair can be designed to your own specification with a fabric and finish of your choice.  
  • A fraction of the cost
    The G64R costs typically 70% less than the list price of a new G64 making the popular office chair available to those with budgetary constraints.  
  • Manufacturer approved warranty
    The remanufactured chair comes with a full manufacturer approved warranty comparable to that of a new G64 with fabric and finish guaranteed for one year and working mechanisms five years.
  • A truly circular office chair
    The G64R supports the circular economy, extends the lifecycle of office chairs and diverts chairs from landfill, delivering substantial environmental savings.
  • Qualified and security cleared fitters
    Your G64R chairs are installed by security-checked, qualified and uniformed furniture fitters operating to defined methodologies ensuring safety and security at all times


Reducing the environmental impact of your office chair

  • Each remanufactured chair saves 32kg of CO2 (e), a 60% reduction in total compared to the new G64
  • 98% of parts are recyclable; components removed are either kept for reuse or returned to Orangebox’s locally based suppliers for reprocessing into new parts
  • Water footprint analysis demonstrates a G64R saves 75% of water consumption compared to the new G64 

The new G64R is an Orangebox approved remanufactured office chair that really is as good as new. Remanufactured at Premier Sustain’s award-winning Renew Centre, the G64R is a precision engineered office chair that combines high quality and sustainability with great value for money.

Purchase your G64R chairs

Purchase your G64R chairs – www.g64r.co.uk


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Service sheet: G64R task chair