Maintaining a clean library collection

02 December 2016


As part of our library relocation, clearance and refurbishment services, Premier Libraries offers a book and shelf cleaning service delivered to the business class standard on which we pride ourselves.  

Benefiting from a clean collection

With books and shelves attracting dust containing everything from pollen and mould spores to textile fibres and skin cells, your staff, visitors and collections can suffer. Dust creates an unpleasant environment, deteriorates collections and provides health hazards.

A clean collection will:

  • Protect staff and visitors from irritation, allergy and longer term health issues
  • Maintain the quality of and extend the life of your assets
  • Encourage better care and respect of your collections from  staff and visitors
  • Provide a more pleasant environment and a better library experience
  • Reduce the risk of mould, insects, rodents and other pests


A professional and proven approach

Our professional and proven approach includes:

  • A dedicated project management to oversee your cleaning service
  • Experienced teams fully trained in specialist book cleaning techniques
  • The right equipment for your individual collection
  • Tried and tested methodologies combining established techniques and best practice

Meeting your unique requirements

Delivered at times that suit you, this professional and dedicated service will help prolong the life of your collections whilst improving the experience of your library visitors and protecting staff from health issues.


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Service sheet: Preserving your collection with our book and shelf cleaning services