Premier showcases at a Building Research Establishment circular economy open day

14 March 2018

Premier Sustain will display ‘before and after’ examples of remanufactured office furniture and equipment at this free to attend, BRE Buildings as Material Banks (BAMB) half day event, held at their head quarters in Watford.

A key focus of the day will be tours of the interactive Reversible Experience Module alongside visits to BRE’s innovation park, this is in addition to a seminar programme featuring key elements of the Building As Materials Bank project (BAMB).

Premier will be presenting how their office furniture remanufacturing service has become business as usual for many organisations, not just those interested in the circular economy.  Other presentations will cover Material Passports, Circularity Indicators, Building information modelling and circular economy, setting client requirements and much more.

The event is on Thursday 22nd March – for booking details please visit