Audit, storage and stock control

Our audit, storage and stock control services help our clients manage office resources more effectively and sustainably, preventing waste in the first place by reusing furniture, IT and electrical equipment internally.

Audits of existing furniture

We carry out quick and easy furniture, IT and electrical equipment audits that help you identify items within your estate that can be used for future projects.  We can photograph items and score their condition to help you manage your assets over time.

Storage and stock control

With nearly 300,000 sq foot of storage, archive and asset management capability, we can store furniture on a short or long term basis.  We provide clients with an online inventory of your resources, enabling you to reuse and manage these assets, call off the items you require and have these delivered within 24 hours.

Delivering the best outcomes

  • Understand what resources you have where in your estate
  • Identify the condition and usage of existing resources
  • Store unwanted items for future use
  • Reuse your existing assets
  • Reduce wastage and make financial savings
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