Dilapidations and reinstatement works

Premier Interiors’ dilapidations service enables you to meet the legal obligation under your lease to restore the space to its original condition when you vacate your offices.

Working in conjunction with our Premier Sustain division, we provide the most sustainable approach to office dilapidations, helping to ensure that you are able to fully comply with all your obligations in the most financially and environmentally beneficial way.


Environmental clearance

Designed around the waste hierarchy, our environmental office clearances enable us to generate the best financial, environmental and social outcomes from your clearance through:

  • Reuse or resale of unwanted office furniture and equipment
  • Remanufacturing and refurbishment of furniture for further use
  • Donation of furniture and equipment through our “Giving Back” project
  • Separation of carpet and textiles for reuse and recycling
  • Reuse and recycling of WEEE and IT
  • Segregation of all waste materials for recycling and energy recovery
  • Zero to landfill clearance

Building reinstatement

Our building reinstatement services take the hassle out of returning your offices to its original condition:

  • Uplifting of all data cabling
  • Removal of walls, partitions, canteens
  • Removal of all unwanted, fixture and fittings
  • Making good to specifications
  • Any re installation requirements
  • Redecoration
  • Carpet replacement

As with all our services, we take a sustainable approach to building reinstatement, looking to reuse as much as possible and minimise waste, helping buildings trying to achieve BREEAM and SKA ratings.  

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