Installs moves, adds andchanges

Premier Systems IT has extensive experience of working with clients to deliver successful IT installs, moves, adds and changes (IMACs). With the technology environment having to be consistently responsive to business needs, IMACs are a constant requirement in today’s fast-moving IT environment.

Our services are bespoke and we will comprehensively look after all your technology additions and upgrades. We can work in or outside of offices hours to ensure all projects and rollout requirements are met.

Hardware and software rollout

Rolling out new hardware or software can place a significant burden on your IT department. Whether it’s new application software, operating systems, desktops, laptops or other hardware, we can support the whole project through all stages:

  • Project planning and management
  • Pre-delivery preparation and testing
  • Pre-installation testing
  • New onsite equipment installation (desktop, mobile devices, printers, servers, hubs and routers etc)
  • Equipment upgrades (new operating system, memory and peripherals)
  • Disassembly and reconfiguration of IT systems for relocation
  • Equipment movement within your building and between your sites
  • Post roll-out support

We can manage any scope of project, ensuring responsive service delivery whilst minimising disruption and ensuring service continuity for your organisation throughout all IMACs.


Premier Workplace Services provides a comprehensive range of services for businesses and other organisations moving or making changes to their workplace. Delivered on a standalone or integrated basis, these services include office relocations, specialist relocations, interior refurbishment, specialist IT, storage and sustainable solutions.

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