Office furnitureremanufacturing

Premier Sustain’s office furniture remanufacturing services help our clients make the most of their existing furniture assets, returning these items to ‘as good as new’ condition and remanufacturing them to meet new working requirements.

As well as remanufacturing your existing furniture, we can provide you with items from our extensive stock of ready to remanufacture resources, delivering significant cost savings and reducing waste.  

Our award-winning Renew Centre is the UK’s only independent, commercial facility solely dedicated to remanufacturing, refurbishing and repairing desks, chairs and other office furniture.

  • Office desk remanufacturing We can remanufacture most office desk tops whilst utilising the existing desk framework to reduce the footprint of each workstation and make the most out of your office space.
  • Desktop production Where existing desktops are not able to be remanufactured, we can manufacture new tops that can be used on your existing desk framework or reconfigure desks frames to create an agile working environment.
  • Chair remanufacture and re-upholstery We are able to remanufacture, reupholster and repair office chairs from all major manufacturers bringing them a new lease of life. In partnership with Orangebox, we run an exclusive scheme to take back and remanufacture the G64R task chair to as good as new condition.
  • Chair re-spraying We can re-spray chair bases, metal components and non-fabric chairs to provide a completely fresh look.
  • Acoustic screen and notice board refurbishment We can change the colour or size of your existing acoustic screens and notice boards to match your new office desks and meet your changing requirements.
  • Specialist remanufacturing and remodelling We are happy to explore options to remanufacture and remodel all types of furniture for our clients including cabinets, library shelving, hospital seating, and reception furniture.
  • Cleaning and repair We can audit your office and meeting room desks and chairs, reception seating and other furniture and provide a report on both cleaning and repair requirements. Our comprehensive services, including chair arm sanitising, will ensure that your office furniture is clean, sanitised and in full working order. Our services can be delivered as part of an office move or business as usual service. Find out more about our specialist cleaning services.

Warranties provided

All our furniture undergoes a rigorous test and assessment process upon completion of remanufacturing and remodelling to ensure they withstand the wear and tear of the office environment. They also come with a warranty ensuring your office assets really are as good as new.

Reused never looked so good!

We have remanufactured over 7,000 items of furniture for clients including Tesco, the Cabinet Office, the Home Office, Vodafone, BBC Worldwide, ITV, TFL, 10 Downing Street and Surrey County Council.


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