Office furniture resale

With extensive furniture resale operations, we provide a single solution for the effective marketing and sale of redundant office resources.  We help our clients to get the most out of these unwanted assets whilst prolonging their life, benefiting others and protecting the environment.

Getting the most from resale

We can achieve the maximum return on the resale of good quality redundant furniture and equipment through our retail channel, Office Resale Ltd, one of the UK's top retailers of quality used office furniture and equipment.

Auctioning of specialist items

We work with appropriate auction partners for the sale of specialist items, ensuring a seamless service as well as maximum return.

Low resale value

Where furniture has little or no resale value, we give our clients the opportunity to ‘give back’ by donating these unwanted items to selected charities, schools and social enterprises through our donation initiative, the Giving Back Project.

Making the most of your assets

We sell thousands of items of office furniture each year via Office Resale Ltd on behalf of our clients making the most of their unwanted assets.

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