Relocating hospitals andmedical services

As one of the UK’s leading experts in the delivery of relocation projects for hospitals, Premier Moves has extensive experience of the medical sector and detailed working knowledge of the National Health Service.

We work closely in partnership with our medical clients and fully appreciate the sensitive and critical nature of the workplace, and the need to keep services running throughout the move. Our security-vetted staff understand the importance of maintaining health & safety, and sanitisation procedures whilst delivering a professional and successful move that minimises disruption to key services.

Hospital relocations

With experience in relocating medical wards, accident & emergency, operating theatres and other clinical departments, pharmacy, toxicology, administration and support departments, our specialist hospital relocation services include:

  • Project and move management We understand the critical importance of planning and preparation for these highly specialised moves and work closely with your team to ensure the best outcome for your move whilst minimising disruption to your teams and patients. Find out more about our move management services.
  • Migrating medical and x-ray records Packing, relocating and unpacking confidential records in strict sequential order, we ensure that correct handling and security requirements are in place and that hospital staff can access to all records throughout a relocation.
  • Relocating specialist medical equipment We work closely with OEMs and specialist equipment providers to ensure the safe decommissioning, removal and recommissioning of your specialist equipment in accordance with leasehold and warranty requirements.
  • Moving chemicals and other hazardous materials With an in-house DGSA and specialist fleet, we are fully equipped and experienced in relocating chemicals and other hazardous materials safely and securely. Find out more about our chemical relocation services.
  • Relocating staff Addressing the concerns and requirements of different teams, we will relocate your staff, their filing, IT and telephony equipment, ensuring they experience the minimum of disruption.
  • Temporary storage With over 300,000 sq feet of secure and cost effective storage space, we can meet any temporary or longer term requirements during your relocation.
  • Sustainable solutions We can help NHS Trusts achieve financial and environmental savings through a variety of sustainable services including remanufacturing and repairing furniture and equipment, and resale of redundant furniture and specialist equipment. Find out more about our sustainable services.


Premier Workplace Services provides a comprehensive range of services for businesses and other organisations moving or making changes to their workplace. Delivered on a standalone or integrated basis, these services include office relocations, specialist relocations, interior refurbishment, specialist IT, storage and sustainable solutions.

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