Sustainable interiorservices

Premier Interiors takes a sustainable approach to interior refurbishment with our workplace interior solutions being carried out in line with the waste hierarchy. We not only adhere to environmental regulations but also follow best practice, delivering both environmental benefits and financial savings to our clients.

Our principles, outlined in our Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001, are in line with the BRE environmental assessment method (BREEAM), US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and RICS SKA rating schemes.  

Our approach has helped clients achieve BREEAM points and SKA rating good practice measures for their projects as well as reducing disposal costs. We welcome the opportunity to help clients achieve specific sustainability objectives.

  • Pre-project audit Prior to any refurbishment, we carry out a full pre-project audit of materials on site, assessing which items can potentially be reused either by the client or a third party.  We then provide our clients with a full Site Waste Management Plan, transparently identifying best routes for each material type.  
  • Sustainable purchasing Where possible, we give preference to local suppliers and those that are supplying material from a sustainable source, for example we ensure that all wood on site is FSC accredited.  We endeavour to ensure that materials are ordered as close to specification as possible to reduce cost and waste.
  • Pre-fabrication Where practical, we carry out pre-fabrication of furniture and interior installations to help reduce waste and enable back loading of packaging to materials suppliers.
  • Remanufacturing and refurbishment We work with our clients to see where existing infrastructure, storage systems and furniture can be remanufactured and refurbished to the highest standards to meet future need, reduce waste and carbon, and save money. Find out more about our furniture remanufacturing capabilities.
  • IT & waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) Our Premier Systems IT team can provide project support to help clients reuse as much of their existing IT and AV equipment as part of an office transformation. Items can be tested, cleaned and reissued to meet a project’s requirements.
  • Secure storage For clients with a dynamic office environment experiencing constant change, we can provide secure storage services where items of furniture and equipment may be called in and out of use as needed to keep the workplace fresh.
  • Recycling and recovery We manage all waste in full compliance with legislation and this is reflected in staff training and on-site practices.  Where viable, wastes are segregated sent directly for reuse or recycling.  Where operational constraints exist, materials are sent to a local recovery facility where they are mechanically separated for recycling or sent to generate energy from waste. Our current average recycling rate is in excess of 95%.
  • Full audit trail At the end of each project, we provide a full audit trail for our clients. This includes details of any items reused, resold or donated, as well as waste transfer notes and consignment notes, and any other information required for your management systems and record keeping.   


Premier Workplace Services provides a comprehensive range of services for businesses and other organisations moving or making changes to their workplace. Delivered on a standalone or integrated basis, these services include office relocations, specialist relocations, interior refurbishment, specialist IT, storage and sustainable solutions.

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