Sharing expertise with the Circular Economy Club

28 August 2017

The Circular Economy Club asked Premier Sustain to share some success stories of how Circular Economy principles provide cost-effective and sustainable estate management solutions for public and private sector clients.

The Circular Economy Club is a non-profit international event platform and network for Circular Economy professionals, existing primarily to motivate collaboration so that CE has higher and wider-reaching impact. The 2,600 members represent designers, engineers, economists and strategists across manufacturing, energy and consumer sectors.

Premier Sustain contributed a post for the Circular Economy Club blog, detailing the founding principles of Premier’s commitment to avoid redundant office furniture ending up in landfill. The blog details The Renew Centre’s remanufacturing facilities and how – alongside the Moves and Interiors services – Premier Sustain successfully delivers both financial and environmental gains for large clients such as Tesco Stores and Barts Health NHS Trust, by refurbishing and reusing desks, chairs and other office furnishings.

The blog also outlines Premier’s new Renew IT service which enables clients to securely recycle or refurbish IT and electrical equipment, again reducing costs of buying new as well as complying with sustainability targets.

To read the blog in full, please click here: